• 2016

    Front-End Dev.

    Driven to make. Focused on design & development. Always exploring emerging tech. to push UI innovation. Worked in 5 startups & completed 3 accelerator programs in Australia & the US. Written for css-tricks. Developed react-xstate-js. Favourite story: Dune. Favourite design aesthetic: Blade Runner. Favourite movie: Brick. Love dogs & coffee.

  • 2010


    Enrolled in an education degree & taught in Australia & the UK. Researched how to make the learning process faster, more efficient & more attractive. Developed a student behaviour analytics platform that resulted in a 38% decrease in lesson-stopping interruptions & a 19% increase in academic results.

  • 2006


    Enrolled in a mechatronic engineering degree & cadetship at BlueScope Steel. Positioned as a project manager & earned a place on the engineering facilities Dean's List at the University of Wollongong.

  • 2003


    Enlisted into the Australian Army. Completed my service as 2IC of my detachment, part of the 145th Signals Squadron.