Brad Woods

A Japanese symbol of a lion.
A Samurai sword grip.

Learn through stories

Full-stack engineer

A space station that looks like a moon.

I was a teacher who couldn’t find the tools needed to do my job, so I started making my own.

A science fiction blimb with a television screen and spotlights.
The letter 'w'


  • Digital Garden

    Notes about web development.

  • 7GUIs

    7GUIs implemented using HTML, CSS & JavaScript.

  • CSS Layout Generator

    A CSS & JSX generator for layout components.

  • Siligong Valley Co-organizer

    A hacker meetup.

  • project: Icarus

    An Apollo GraphQL learning reference.

  • Terminal

    Minimal code examples of web developer libraries.

  • Pixel Thief

    An XState course.

  • XState Evac

    Experimenting with learning through play.

An alien with no eyes & a tail.
A poster of a list of links on a news website against a brick wall.
A robot taxi driver with nothing below his shoulders.
A large humanoid robot.
A man looking up shooting a laser beam out of his visor.
A guy wearing a sweater